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Media Blackout on Winter Soldier Southwest

By clayclai - Posted on 21 May 2009

On Saturday, May 9th Iraq Veterans Against the War [IVAW] held a series of hearings and reports at Pasadena City College they called Winter Soldier Southwest: Eyewitness Accounts of the Occupations - Iraq and Afghanistan. They were joined by people from Military Families Speak Out [MFSO], Vietnam Veterans Against the War [VVAW]and Veterans For Peace [VFP]. The Media was notified but truth is not their thing.

Ryan Endicott's testimony is among the strongest I have heard anywhere:

I've also posted two other short pieces on YouTube.
Winter Solider Southwest MFSO IVAW VVAW VFP

and ->
Winter Soldier Southwest IVAW & VVAW

Stills, I put up on Flickr:

So now you have it. In case you missed it on the evening news.

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