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Linux Beach and Cosmos Engineering Catalogs.

This is the stuff we sell because it conforms to our values.

Linux and Open Source present a revolutionary new way of creating and owning software. In the past 20 years it has become the software that runs the Internet. Cosmos Engineering, founded in 1984 was a Microsoft OEM Partner and a Novell Netware Dealer for many years before we became one of the first Red Hat Linux Hardware Partners in 1997.

Today our line of Cosmos and Linux Beach Computers marry the best hardware from the leading manufactures with the most current Linux distributions to produce work horse servers, friendly desktops, powerful workstations and multimedia systems that truly go the extra mile. Clay Claiborne started radical film making with Video Works in Chicago around 1975. Today, at Linux Beach Productions he continues the work of producing video works of outstanding importance. Having Martin Sheen narrate Vietnam: American Holocaust put this studio on the map and in IMDB but browse our catalog and you will see many other titles worthy of your notice.

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