To remember the history of the American War in Vietnam and it's many Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian and American victims

Vietnam: American Holocaust [DVD] sticky icon

Vietnam: American Holocaust [DVD]

87 Minute documentary on the Vietnam War. Shows how the U.S. government killed more than 3 million Vietnamese in their War of Independence. Starts with the history of the conflict from WWII, the defeat of the French, how the American people were lied into the conflict in the Gulf of Tonkin. Then shows how the killing was done. Includes testimony from soldiers and Vietnamese. Narrated by Martin Sheen. Written, Produced and Directed by Clay Claiborne.


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We are happy to announce that we have created a new 3 minute preview of Vietnam: American Holocaust in our continuing attempts to entice you into seeing the film:

Free Syria Scarf

Free Syria Scarf at Venice Beach
Free Syria Scarf at Venice Beach

Scarf made in the form of the Free Syria flag, pantonie colors and 3 red stars on each end,,damask material


Free Syria Flag

3' x 5' Free Syria Flag
3' x 5' Free Syria Flag at Venice Beach3' x 5' Free Syria Flag at Venice Beach

57 x 35 inches polyester flag, green, white and black bands, with 3 red stars, light weight and strong with pocket for pole & tie-off


The Syrian Revolution, 30 videos about

The Syrian Revolution,  Volume 1
The Syrian Revolution,  Volume 1Syrian Mass Protests

Mass Protests
06-30-12 Damascus Amazing protests in support of Zamalka and Douma
06-25-12 Daraya, Damascus The Brave Continue to Call for Freedom
06-29-12 Saraqib, Idlib Friday of We Are Confident of Victory - Free Syria
06-24-12 Damascus Large Demonstration We Are Coming For You Bashar
06-29-12 Minbaj, Aleppo Evening Protest Demanding Freedom
06-30-12 Idlib Standing in Solidarity With Douma
07-28-12 Al-Sha ar, Aleppo FSA soldiers surrounded by protesters - Free Syria

06-28-12 Only One Male Surivives as Regime Slaughters Touma Family


The Libyan Revolution, 18 videos about

The Libyan Revolution,  Volume 1
The Libyan Revolution,  Volume 1Libyan Children with Reolutionary FlagBenghazi, Libya

Who are the libyan rebels
Amy Hamzawy Interviewed
Deaths Increase In Al Zawiya Demonstrations
Protesters And Armed Truck Clash
Libya s Amazigh celebrate spring festival
Zintan holds tight to prize Saif al-Islam
Soldiers Executed For Refusing Cooperation
The Inhumane Massacre Of Libyans EXTREMELY GRAPHIC


On Libya & Glenn Greenwald: Are the anti-interventionists becoming counter-revolutionaries?

Anybody that has ever been in an abusive relationship or supported someone in an abusive relationship may find that the period immediately after ending the relationship can be a most dangerous one. This is a truth that it well known to homicide detectives.

Even though I know this, I'd nevertheless curse the advisors that would counsel staying in an abusive relationship because of the hazards that may attend ending it. Likewise, I will call out those 'left' anti-interventionists that are now promoting counter-revolution in Libya because for years they harbored certain western 'left' mis-conceptions about Mummar Qaddafi.

For example Glenn Greenwald wrote five years ago:It is not, of course, actually fair to compare the torture to which the prisoners in Libya were subjected to the treatment which detainees in American custody receive. After all, there is no indication that the torture of the prisoners in Libya included even a fraction of the torture which Jane Mayer, in a truly superb article in The New Yorker this week, documented was practiced by the American government under the Bush presidency in the CIA’s secret camps, i.e., “black sites,” established beyond the reach of lawWith Qaddafi gone, they are now finding mass grave after mass grave in Libya. I fear they will for many years to come. Take for example, this article yesterday in the newly established Libya Herald:Tripoli, April 2: Another mass grave has been found today, Tuesday, this time in the wadi just outside Qaddafi’s Bab Al-Aziziya barracks.

We now know that not only did Qaddafi subject his citizens to an incredible regime of torture, murdering 1270 prisoners in a matter of hours in one case, some of those self-same Bush presidency CIA "black sites" in which Greenwald thought the torture much worst than anything in Qaddafi's Libya were, in fact, being run by Qaddafi in Libya.


It was a holocaust. Every American should see this film!
- Ron Kovic,Vietnam veteran author Born on the 4th of July
[Ron Kovic and Martin Sheen are Honorary Co-Chairs of my fundrasing committe for the sequel Vietnam: People's Victory

Brave New Theater Site Established!

To facilitate the public showing of Vietnam: American Holocaust by campus and community groups around the country, we have established a presence on Robert Greenwald's Brave New Theaters website

Brave New Theaters

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